About Me

Mary Doyle

My favorite thing in the world is my cat, Othello. I have had him since I was a mere third grader, and despite his age he is thriving. Named after the Shakespeare character, Othello embodies the ultimate sidekick. He is a wonderful listener, I'm not kitten you. And he loves to play; his favorite games are hide and seek and I'm going to attack you when you least expect it. If anyone would like to get into the long debated conversation--which is better cats or dogs?--please let me know and I will gladly discuss that dogs are just no match.

Jonathan Quiambao

My name is Jonathan Quiambao, and I am an instructor at Miramonte High School. I have a degree in Computer Science with a minor in Education from UC Davis (Go Ags!). My experience with computers dates back to elementary school when my father first taught me how to type, and has now led to my teaching of this course, “Introduction to HTML, CSS, and Java.” Outside of computers, my hobbies include playing the trumpet and cooking. I like long walks on the beach and my favorite flavor of ice cream is cookies and cream.